Election Game Changer 2013 Table of Contents.

Image Election Game Changer 2013 Field Manual includes the following content:

Chapter 1: End-Game Scenarios and Baselines

Step 1: Workshop on Identifying End-Game Scenarios
Authors’ Input 1: Sample workshop answers to guide the facilitator/campaign planner
Authors’ Input 2: A guide to a candidate running for the first time
Authors’ Input 3: Some basic principles in elections
Step 2: Conduct a Baseline Survey

Chapter 2: Identifying Our Friends, Enemies, Frenemies
Step 3: Workshop on the Disposition of Forces and Projection of Votes
Authors’ Input 4: The importance of Political Mapping
Step 4: Workshop on Market Positioning
Authors’ Input 5: The Importance of Communications Mapping

Chapter 3: Let’s Organize to Win!
Step 5: The Campaign Organization
Authors Input 6: Organizing to Win
Authors Input 7: A sample checklist for victory
Authors Input 8: Sample preliminary campaign plan: Congressional

For more info on the book, please email at mindbullet45@gmail.com.


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