Looking for Renewable Energy Business Experts

ImageLooking for Renewable Energy Business Experts

One of the companies I represent and co own is Statecraft Asia Ventures Inc., a foreign investor relations and business matching firm based in Makati. At present, we are strengthening our renewable energy projects portfolio. Our thrust is to develop the most appropriate business and financial models for Local Government Units (LGUs). We already have LGUs willing to journey with us in establishing proofs of concept. We likewise have access to banks willing to finance. 

We are looking for experts to partner with us in packaging renewable energy projects especially solar, wind,hydro or hybrids. We will push for LGUs to invest in renewable energy projects with cost recovery mechanisms through savings. LGUs are envisioned to resort to various modalities including outright purchase of equipment, loans, joint-venture, Build Operate Transfer, Lease to Own, Bond Floats, Debt Swaps and other instruments available to finance the projects. 

Initially we will be focused on solar energy, specifically to address the off grid solution for LGU offices during peak load hours. The rooftops of LGU Buildings will serve “solar farms” for the projects. 

The basic parameters for the business and financial model is payment by LGUs through savings, reasonable supplier warranty period, and appropriate terms of reference accepted by banks and LGUs for purposes of bridge financing. The experts must likewise be familiar with government rules and regulations aligned with projects done at the LGU level. 

The mechanism to manage the renewable energy portfolio will be in the form of a Special Purpose Vehicle Company to be put up by SAVI and those experts who have strategically inputed to the discovery of feasible and viable business and financial models. The quality of inputs of the experts would be the bases for the “free carry” shares in the SPVC. 

For interested parties, please email me at mindbullet45@gmail.com. Hoping for your positive response. 

Eero Brillantes 
EVP and COO 
Statecraft Asia Ventures Inc.


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