Socialized and Economic Housing for Local Government Units

ImageBrillantes Campaigns and Statecraft Asia Ventures Inc. recently partnered with a Top Real Estate Developer, a Socialized Housing Developer Company, a direct to home TV company, and several development banks to build socialized and economic housing for underserved local government employees, teachers, soldiers, police, and private sector employees (PAG-IBIG members) of Local Government Units.

In this regard, may we invite Local Government officials, congressmen, senators, interested parties, banks, civil society groups, and companies to learn more about the program and how LGUs can lead the way.  We will be honored to present to you our business model for housing benefitting your constituents.

Salient Features of Socialized and Economic Housing:

LGUs as major partner

Eco Friendly Features

No downpayment, no equity for beneficiaries of socialized  housing (P400,000 total contract price)

Very affordable terms for economic housing beneficiaries (Approximately P700,000  total contract price)

Has cable TV

Express lane with PAG IBIG.

Let us address the 5 million housing backlog by linking arms with LGUs.

For more details, please email us at

Thank you so much for your time.

Eero Brillantes                                                                                                                                   CEO                                                                                                                                                 Brillantes Campaigns


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