Governance and Election War Room!


Automate your Campaign! Automate your Governance!

Brillantes Campaigns is proud to introduce its one of a kind service, the “Election War Room”.  A first in the country, the Election War Room is designed to help incumbents, candidates, campaign managers and their staff gather and process on line and on the ground intelligence and help make strategic and tactical decisions on their respective campaigns and governance.

The Election War Room provides:

1. More interactive and Social Media patterned website designs!

2. Social Media and Internet Intelligence Gathering and Dashboard Analytics!

3. On the Ground Intelligence Gathering through our survey and market study applications downloaded to your staff’s  tablets and smartfones ready for data gathering implementation.  Results sent through wifi are projected onto the War Room Screens in real time!

4. Analytics and cross-referencing of issues being tracked in relation to candidates and incumbent officials!

5. Integrated media monitoring of online news portals including video and audio streams!

6.  Availability online means analysis in coffee shops through your laptops, tablets, and smartfones or at the secured on-site war room inside the Campaign Headquarters or Offices!

7.  The system can be used by incumbents as a “good governance war room” and can be easily transformed into an “election war room”!

8.  We can even help you design the multi-screen full blown war room and teach your staff to maximize the system’s potential!

9. Since it is fundamentally an SaaS (Software as a Service) and available online through cloud technology, it is quite affordable, comes in modules, and can be tailor-fitted based on your essential intelligence, campaign, and governance requirements.  No need to buy expensive equipment unless you really want to have a full blown “War Room”.    In essence, your war room can be your laptop!

Don’t miss out on this revolutionary innovation in election campaign management.

With the system, you can instantly gain access to measurable and quantifiable intelligence, exponentially empower, improve and streamline your campaign organization, make better and well informed decisions and really cut down on campaign expenditures.

For more info: please email at

Thank you.

Eero Brillantes

President and CEO

Brillantes Campaigns


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