PR War Room

A Filipino owned Information Technology company, with hundreds of millions in government contracts, breached national security protocol by divulging state secrets in an exclusive interview with a particular foreign media entity.

An incumbent  member of the legislature continues to amass billions in wealth  to this very day,  as a direct result of setting up and controlling a cartel in the 70’s.

Two insurance firms, supposedly competitors, were awarded  a multi-million contract with a government agency to service the transport industry.  They were both handled by one very powerful law firm.

The family of a “pro farmer” high ranking government official continues to skirt agrarian reform in their locality despite years of protests from tenants.  The official is seeking higher office in 2016.

These are examples of actual competitive intelligence gathering I have done to help me craft and implement PR campaigns and crisis communication activities for political and corporate clients.

If you situate yourself in a competitive environment, let me help you handle your due diligence on yourself, your organization,  your clients, and the competition.   Going further, permit me to set up your PR war room operations.



Brillantes Campaigns. Compelling Stories.


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