Let’s innovate the PR workplace!

IMG_6698Calling all fellow public relations practitioners, corporate communicators,  office spokespersons, public information officers, and thought leaders!  Join me as we innovate and re-engineeer the public relations industry .   Engage me in a conversation on how we can synergize and  use technology to drive compelling stories and define over arching narratives for our clients and those we work for.

As a tradecraft, there is a need for us communicators to become aware of the various technological tools at our disposal to help build relationships for our clients and their respective publics.  As public servants, institutions, society icons,  and corporations  transform part of their organizations into de-facto news rooms, so must we help them in developing the right mindsets and attitudes to directly engage their constituents, their stakeholders, and critics.

Through the internet and smartphones, people are now empowered to form their own judgements about personalities and institutions.    They will know if they are being fooled or not.  A higher form of accountability and transparency is now upon those who say they are bastions of public service or benchmarks of corporate social responsibility.   False claims will spell doom while affirmations of touted virtues will redound to long term relationships. It is up to us to  help  navigate this communication environment  24/7.

Veering away from traditional PR mindsets, the challenge for us is to unleash the power of public relations with strategic aid of technology.  Let us start the conversation.  Email me at mindbullet45@gmail.com  so we can have coffee and chat about possibilities.

Your companion in public relations innovation,

Eero Brillantes

Brillantes Campaigns


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