About Brillantes Campaigns


email:  mindbullet45@gmail.com

Twitter: @mindbullet45



Brillantes Campaigns advocates for narrative based public relations and designs  PR playbooks across  traditional and social media platforms.

Eero Brillantes is the President and CEO of Brillantes Campaigns.

Eero is a communications specialist and  social activist for various causes.

His PR consultancy covers 25 years serving non-profits, government agencies, and political accounts.

He is a speaker on social campaign and advocacy at the Center for Local and  Regional Governance – National College of Public Administration and Governance ,  University of the Philippines.

He is a research fellow at the World Association for Public Opinion Research.

He is the author of  “Election Game Changer 2010” and “Election Game Changer 2013:  Ground Zero Field Manual for National and Local Candidates”.

Eero took up his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Organizational Communication at the University of the Philippines (UP).  He pursued his Masters in Communication Management Program at the Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication (AIJC).

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