An old article on surveys. Might be relevant for the 2013 barangay elections. I’m quoted.

Business Mirror:  Voters prefer house-to-house campaign, ‘dialogue’ poll ads.


Eero Brillantes on GMA Network’s State of the Nation by Jessica Soho

Friends, Please watch my interview on GMA Network, Jessica Soho’s State of the Nation. It was shown last night, Sept. 26, 2012. Thanks to Ms. Sherrie Ann Torres for taking the time to feature my book Game Changer, the “Election War Room” system, and my thoughts on Politics and Public Relations.

Advocacy Presentation given at the Center for Local and Regional Governance – UP-NCPAG

This post is about the presentation I made entitled “Policy Advocacy Campaign:  A Practical Approach.  I gave a talk on Advocacy Campaigns last Sept. 26, 2012, at the National College of Public Administration and Governance – University of the Philippines.  The lecture series was organized by the Center for Local and Regional Governance.


Election War Room

“Election War Room” for the 2013 Philippine Elections.

Brillantes Campaigns launches three innovative solutions to provide immense advantage for candidates running in the 2013 National and Local Elections.
The first product is the “Election War Room”. It is an information technology driven election campaign management tool. It essentially does several mission critical tasks. First is to track the progress of a campaign using surveys and on the ground intelligence. Second is to monitor specific issues important to candidates through a cross-reference enabled meta-search engine. Third is to manage and optimize online and social media campaign presence. The system is designed to make a campaign more strategic, measurable, timely, and cost-effective.

Its technological features include mobile survey applications, analytics of social media, issue tracking and analytics, live audio-visual feed capabilities using surveillance cameras, website management, online media monitoring and archiving.

The “Election War Room” can be accessed through smartphones, tablets, and laptops. A full blown computer set-up can also be designed at campaign headquarters, configured with 6 monitors attached to a single CPU work station. This set-up empowers decision makers to track campaigns using multi-screen visualization all at the same time. The “Election War Room” is compatible with any internet browser and is accessed through a highly secured login system.

As an add-on option, The “Election War Room” can include hourly national news updates (sms or twitter), in-depth daily briefing notes on hot issues (e-mail), weekly news outlook (e-mail), and a weekly in depth issue analysis e-magazine. This feature is run by former cabinet secretaries and undersecretaries spanning several administrations.

The second product is an election field manual, “Election Game Changer 2013 Field Guide”. It is available at Fully Booked Bookstores, Popular Bookstore, and Ibon Bookshop, or can be ordered and sent via courier services. It is an updated version of the book “Election Game Changer” Released in 2009. Chapters covered include Scenario Planning, Competitive Environment Assessment, and Essential Organizational Set Up of an Election Campaign.

The third product is a 1-day training on “War Room Election Campaign Management”. The training is designed for campaign managers and their senior staff. Module 1 is on the importance of building war room capabilities for an election campaign; Module 2 covers making election campaign playbooks; Module 3 covers converting the campaign playbook into actual war room operations; and Module 4 is about campaign organization for war room operations. The training schedule is by appointment, done at the location of the candidate, and is on a first come first serve basis. It will run from October 2012 to March, 2013.

For more information, please contact, Eero Brillantes, President and CEO of Brillantes Campaigns, email at You can also visit for more details.